Value Proposition: Manufacturing of electrical power management and delivery devices

Many Businesses and homes that require smooth power supplies either can only afford standalone generators. It is however cheaper to use the public supply and even more environmental friendly. Switching manually between these two power supplies is not only tedious for most users, including myself, but also ineffective.
For instance:

  1. A cold room business would have to watch his cooling system all through the night and in many cases, in Enugu, employ someone (who could sleep-off) at the rate between #35000 and #46000 every month to do the watch, which includes: switching the power supplies accordingly and starting or stoping the generator when needed.
  2. A lottery gaming/betting business is bedevilled by interruptions in power supply due to public power fluctuations and delay in power switching.

DreamFix Technologies offers the automatic transfer switch (ATS) as it’s base product. The ATS can monitor power supplies, switch accordingly and fast enough to prevent interruption, start or stop the generator as is necessary, unmanned.
We design the device completely as the user would want.


You are on track

I really like your idea. I’ve always desired something like that in situations where I’ve had to run around starting and stopping electrical power generators. It wasn’t funny.
Can you add a remote controlled generator starter; such that a person can “semi-manually” start his/her generator without coming out of the house/office.
I think the fact that the device can be customized for the user is a market advantage.


@Chukwuemeka_Eze I think you are tackling a situation that many countries are experiencing with regard to energy and, moreover, creating discomfort for businesses: the controlled supply of energy. The ATS device really makes it possible to switch between different energy sources in a fairly transparent way, and that is really ideal for everyone. I am interested to see how to implement it in my country. Here is my contact +22543349443 / +22577007300
My whatsapp +22543349443

@Yarguima_Michel_OUAT, I’m glad you like the idea and you spoke like a really progressive person. It’ll be a welcome idea to do business with you or anyone in your country who could act as a sales representative/technician. In due time we could set up that relationship. I’ll surely save your contact and chat you up. Thanks.

@NELSON_BORO, yes exactly as the user would want it, if you want to communicate the generator semi-manually, that’s exactly what we give you.
You dream it, we fix it.

This is a great concept. However I want you to take into consideration the cost of producing this device in relation to those imported from China and western countries. What would you do to have a market friendly price and be competitive?

Like your idea. Where are you base in Africa?

This is so awesome for a generator led economy. This is so prospecting

@Banji_Owabumoye, it has left the concept stage, people are using this device as we speak. About market competiveness, we have an edge in that we make the device to suit your desire descriptions, we install it for you and we are on ground to maintain it for you unlike imported brands.

@Eric_Ticha, we are based in Enugu l, Nigeria now.

@Ugochukwu_Nwuzor, thanks a lot