Value Proposition on teaching kids phonics

Isreal’s Phonics helps teachers with little or no experience learn step-by-step how to teach phonics in a fun-filled, multi-sensory way using flashcards, rhymes, stories, alliteration, sound games, action songs, comprehension activities and suffixes exercises. Israel’s Phonics Books (1-9) are based on an experimented formula that uses Phonemic awareness to help children systematically hone listening abilities and general sound awareness, teach them how to distinguish voice sounds, and form new words with an understanding of oral blending, segmenting and manipulation of sounds, as well as decode words in reading and spelling (using simple rules.) Before advancing to teaching these activities using synthetic and Analogy approach of learning phonics.

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Isreal Phonics helps teachers become masters in teaching phonics by interactive learning and fun-filled multi-sensory channels

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