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(paul opeyemi) #2

Ama farmer in lagos nigeria into dogfarmi g of breeds like caucasian,rottweiler,gsd,lhasa,saint bernard, eskimo,boerboel,etc …whatsap/call +2349056188427

(Victor Nwoguru) #3

I am a web developer in Lagos, Nigeria. I develop websites for businesses and individuals. In need of my services contact me on 08134407757(call/whatsapp). I also create beautiful logos, business cards, digital banners and fliers.

(Benjamin Daniel) #5

Hi, I am a Software developer, I build web and mobile applications.

(Olumide Ojo) #6

Harvest Recycling is a start-up company that collects recyclable waste materials which if not properly disposed of, can have a harmful effect on our environment and its aesthetic quality. We also raise general awareness on the importance of recycling for environmental sustainability and social welfare by reducing pollution and diseases

(Katlego Hlangwane) #7

Hey Victor,

The name is Katlego, from South Africa and I run a Brand Consulting business with a service offering that ranges from creative design to online marketing. I noticed in your post that we both provide somewhat similar services, and I figured it would be a good idea to connect with you, perhaps we could collaborate on projects in the near future. The aim is to take the business across the continent and have multiple satellite branches/offices, I’m hoping this is a direction you would like to go in too.

Looking forward to your speedy response.

Kind Regards

(Brian Tlapane) #8

Evening Katlego

Your idea to expand beyond other nations its a brilliant constructive idea Good luck

From Brian CEO of Bulkma trading enterprise in South Africa we serve as a startup venturing into manufacturing

(Emmanuel NYONTEZE) #9

I’m called NIYONTEZE Emmanuel and I m to be interested in fabricating the clothes in our nothern province! Please try to give your ideas so that my business start well

(Michael Adeyemi) #10

Good, nice one. I also have a Caucasian, guess we should chat to see how we can be of help to each other…

(Michael Adeyemi) #11

I am Adeyemi Michael, with a company name Joamyke Enterprises Limited. I am into Poultry Farm - majorly Egg production. Need egg whatsapp me on 08056051133. I am also into Project Management, Land matters, etc

(Ntegyereize Rabecca) #12

am Ntegyereize Rabecca from Uganda and an entrepreneur, i have started a bakery business anyone with facts on how to operate a bakery can help me with the information my whatsup number is +256774366376 thank you.

(Abiola Adebanjo) #13

My name is Abike Adebanjo… An Ankara vendor,sell Ankara fabrics in wholesale, retail and in Aso ebi…

(Immanuel OLAJIIRE) #14

Hello, I am Olajiire Immanuel from NIGERIA, I offer service in property management, real estate, security and general cleaning service under the company name REBUILD DE BREACH LTD. you can reach me on +2348034664186 or +2348074439354

(Ahmad Abdullahi) #15

Hello, my name is ahmad i’m a young aspiring entrepreneur with a business idea of starting an event planning business outfit.


Hi Ahmad,
I too has the same idea of starting up an Events Management business in my locality; I believe it can be profitable since every weekend (saturdays) people hold functions and they are always in need of Tents, Chairs, Catering Services, Events planners and so on.

Could you kindly share how you intend to kick start yours?
thank you.

(Duke Amatasoro) #17

Greetings Everyone
I am Duke,i specialize in Supply chain and general contracts
As a Leadership Ambassador
I also have a vested interest in Leadership and Good governance across the globe
I currently run a non partisan organization called National Trust Party,some people see it as a club,party,association,an organization which will ensure credible leadership is installed for the sake of good governance and making a better new world.
in case anyone shares in this same thoughts,feel free to reach me via whats-app on +2348037597342

(Best Nwachinemere) #18

As a start up, I need your services, however, I can’t afford them at the moments. Think you can work something out for me?

(Paul Akpami) #19

Consult Quatech is a firm in Lagos offering website designs, management systems, graphic designs and content management, network installation and currently offering Internet of things technology to individuals and organizations. For any of our services you can contact us on +2347030949871 (call/whatsapp).

(Sunday Ndu) #20

Hello, my name is Ndu Sunday am an Artist, Interior Designer & Environmentalist. I produce beautifully designed Artworks and paintings. I need someone to share ideas with, thanks. 08035148232

(Chinedu Ogbonna) #21

I have tecynical problem on question (5) five
I completed my application on the 1st of January and submitted it that same day, but yesterday been 25th of january I received a mail that I should complete number (5) five which is
i. Elevator pitch and
II. Detailed Description.
In the process of working on it, the system automatically submitte, and I have not answered the question.
Please can any one kindly help me out here.