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A community is a small or large social unit that has something in common, such as norms, religion, values, or identity. We are Africapitalism, We are TEF!


Great idea sir

(Osita Chikere) #213

This is good please fine tune the more and push this through. I want to be able to leverage on this your solution in future.

(Osita Chikere) #214

Make sure you add coding to the skills. Keep it up

(Osita Chikere) #215

We are in the same line with slight nitch difference. Where you base?

(Osita Chikere) #216

Hello joy, can see we are in the same line, nice to meet you here. Lets connect on dm


Nice one.

(Martin Adator) #218

great work in there


Pour avoir des mangues fraîches en quantité et en temps réel, je t’invite de venir au Bénin. Les mangues pourrissent ici dans les champs.

Mon numéro WhatsApp. 00229-97185995

(MARTINS Aliyu) #220

Agro Aqua Life Venture Enterprise (A.A.L.I.F.E) An Agricultural outlet with the mandate to cultivate crops organically for our growing population and to encourage or bring about eating green and healthy food.So we call all to patronize our crops which ranges from Tomatoes,Onions,Cabbage,Carrot,Pepper and Cucumba.A taste will certainly convince you.

(Braima Nhamadjo) #221

i posted my UVP but cannot found it any where
pease help fixe this

(Braima Nhamadjo) #222

i posted my UVP but cannot found it any where
pease help fixe this

(Claude KAZE) #223

I am an education enthusiast. i produce a varied series of multi-translated booklets to attract people, particularly learners to arouse their lost self-learning habit.

(Knowledge John) #224

(Busisiwe Zwane) #225

Hi i=I am Busisiwe. I am into BnB service. Long term providing a curio shop by the BnB. I see collaboration opportunities whereby I buy your products . I am from Swaziland.


Bonjour tout le monde

Je suis HERI KIBELEGEGE ISHARA, Je suis aussi un entrepreneur. Je suis specialite en passation des marches, consultant en investissements publique-privee et facilitateur des investissements exterieurs et interieurs en RDC.
Je travail aussi dans le Commerce General en RDC/Bukavu a l’Est de la RDC.

(Osita Chikere) #227

make clear your “more” and how solid will be your cloud services?

(Beche Verda Nsayeh) #228

Am Beche . I am into Fashion and Tech that empowers women.


it is actually great. we are all learning everyday from this TEFConnect Platform.

(Shedrack Okala) #230

I am the CEO of Shade-Right E-Learning