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(Patrick Ezeanyagu) #232

I m Patrick, a rice farmer in Nigeria. I invest in improved rice cultivation methods to meet the growing demands of our small and large scale milling companies, which will subsequently help increase our local rice availablity and reduce foreign imports.

(Stephen Nwakpa) #233

This is a very good one and I would like to contact you for more lecture on this because am looking on adding it, as part of registered company as I came from the state that produces one of the best local rice in Nigeria

(Praxedis Dube) #234

Hi, I’m Dr Praxedis Dube, my company is into agricultural business. Its a very small company, intending to grow with the help of knowledge, ideas and lessons learnt in this TEF platform.


ELVEES was found to solve common man’s problem of access to reliable, affordable and clean alternative energy solutions. Environmental preservation has been relegated by wasteful and degradable energy harnessing practices. Power supply in Nigeria has also been so erratic and people are paying exorbitant amount to have access to it whereas there is abundance of alternative clean resources. Business owners are struggling to survive as a result of excessive cost of production accruing from extra expenditure on power. Home owners and tenants are not finding life easy and comfortable with high cost and unreliable grid power supply. High cost, noise and air pollution associated with running on generators also add to peoples woes. ELVEES prides in offering an affordable, reliable and clean alternative energy solutions. Our different payment models not only ensure our reliable solutions get to the people but also ensure they are affordable any category of users.

(Vivaldi JAMES HINVI) #236

HINVI CREATIONS est une entreprise bĂ©ninoise de conception, confection et vente de produits artisanaux Ă  base de matĂ©riaux locaux. Elle a Ă©tĂ© crĂ©Ă©e pour rĂ©soudre le problĂšme liĂ© au manque de crĂ©ativitĂ© et d’originalitĂ© des produits artisanaux observĂ© sur le marchĂ©.
L’entreprise dispose d’une gamme variĂ©e de produit comme les sacs Ă  main ; les sets de table ; les sous-verres ; les vĂȘtements pour homme ; les vĂȘtements pour femme ; les boĂźtes Ă  bijoux ; les boĂźtes Ă  stylo ; les boĂźtes de rangement ; les boucles d’oreilles ; les colliers. Tous nos produits sont fabriquĂ©s avec des cordes en polyester soigneusement tissĂ©es Ă  la main. Notre clientĂšle est composĂ©e de bĂ©ninois (5%) et des ressortissants d’autres pays (95%).
Le marketing de distribution de nos produits s’établit par les stratĂ©gies de bouche Ă  oreilles, par notre page Facebook, par la participation Ă  des foires ou exposition-vente, par les dĂ©pĂŽt-ventes dans les boutiques et hĂŽtels de la place, par l’inscription sur les plates-formes de vente en ligne. D’autres partenariats s’ajouteront avec le temps.
Par ailleurs, nous envisageons agrandir nos locaux de travail, installer une boutique physique, crĂ©er un site internet, participer Ă  des foires Ă  international, signer des partenariats avec des boutiques Ă  l’étranger, dĂ©velopper la communication, crĂ©er de nouveaux produits, suivre des formations et former le personnel.
Nous envisageons aussi former les jeunes dĂ©munis et dĂ©scolarisĂ©s afin de les rendre autonomes. La vente de nos produits Ă  l’international contribuera Ă  faire connaitre le pays, et, Ă  y faire entrer des devises extĂ©rieures ce qui augmenterait son PIB, d’oĂč sa croissance Ă©conomique. Quant au recrutement de la main d’Ɠuvre, il favorisera la crĂ©ation d’emploi et la rĂ©duction de la pauvretĂ©.

   FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hinvicreations


I am Bobo Benson Bagwiba from Nigeria. The founder and CEO of Information Generation Academy: Information Generation Academy is a startup 21st century leadership and entrepreneurship knowledge incubation and research center established and registered with CAC for the purpose of raising the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders fro all walks of by providing access to affordable and profession entrepreneurship training, Mentoring and networking, access to start up funding and skill acquisitions. This we believe will reduce the rising state of unemployment, poverty and hunger especially among the youths.

(Ijeoma Nwajuaku) #238

My name is Ijeoma Nwajuaku. I am from Nigeria and deal on selling of high quality red palm oil. The name of my company is Great Oburox Enterprises. Other entrepreneur’s advice are needed to improve my business. Thank you. My phone number is +2348063814116


Thanks and nice meeting you. Lets connect on +2348062161283

(Kehinde Lawal) #240

Do you mean healthy habits like workout or feeding?

(Oluwatosin Adeyemo) #241

My brand story.

When I was younger, I used to love shoes a lot, therefore I buy them a lot too😃. but there was a problem; I always loved to stand out but never found shoes that fulfilled this desire, except for the expensive ones! Another issue with this shoes was that they never lasted! But then I noticed the shoes my uncle buys usually didn’t have this problem, and there was a carriage he normally had anytime he wears his shoes so I wanted to know the secret behind this unique shoes, then I found handmade!

(AKOR AGBO) #243

i love this idea where are you located?

(khadjetou Niang) #244


(Ikechukwu Nwachukwu) #245

So when you find out that hand made was the secret , what did you do

(Knowledge John) #246

Hi Beche, great to meet you.

(Knowledge John) #247

Interesting, will be in touch.

(Knowledge John) #248

Would love to see your work esp mobile apps you have developed.

(Ikechukwu Nwachukwu) #249

Ijeoma I want to advice you work on your brand name

(kadiri Adewumi) #250

Sincerely speaking. TEF program is designed to grow disciplined entrepreneurs, building on previous experience, knowledge and skills as this week 7 learning also specify on the need for hiring of consultants like:Accountants, Lawyers, Taxi Advisors and management consultants and their significant role in business development, Type of contract and license, Cash flowing management worksheet, Business Glossary for week 7 and many more. I thank GOD for TEF. My business 'll put on a new look.

(Alex Gilles LOUMEDJINON) #251

de belles histoires inspirantes.

(Knowledge John) #252