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One of the most interesting things about the TEF Foundation program is the robust and concise knowledge which is being shared. The business resources and lessons have been so helpful and eye opening. There are so many things which I have only known as a result of the lessons shared. For example, Quora is one interesting resource I never used before but which is now a daily go to. Thank you to the Team and all the entreprenuers here who are hard at work in turning Africa’s potential, into a living, breathing 21st century economic miracle story.

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It’s great to be on this platform. So much important resources all for free. Thank you TEF for this rare opportunity

(Olubunmi Olutayo-Adigun) #276

Thank you. I will surely contact you because i’m a start up in egg and chicken production and need a lot of help.

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Can you please find me on biniamteferi55@gmail.com


Hi dear i am YEO from iVORY COAST . Entrepreneur in domain of laundry . Do you have a website ? tef Entr have a good price ?

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hello sir, please i am based in Cameroon and will like to know if you can create a good but affordable app for my organization. contact me via whatsapp if you can +237653009256 thanks

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Articles from week 5 to 8 are really valuable. I have seen that business is not only focussing on prices of your product to make profit.Week 5 is all about strong branding which i understand is a Hallmark of every successive business. Thanks TEF for the updates you send to us on business planning.

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My business will be needing your products.

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hiring is very essential… all the ideas and strategies cannot be brought to fruition if you have the wrong or inefficient team working with you.

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Quite interesting.

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Wow! I love this. We shall collabo.

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I am a farmer and am into piggery

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Quite interesting

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Summary of Business Plan

This week you are taking the most important parts of your business plan and condensing them to a one page document for review. This information will be used to help us assess your progress so far, and how we can best support your business. After you have finished answering each of these questions in no more than three sentences, please share with your mentor and in the community page - https://community.tefconnect.com/t/summary-of-business-plan-activity-for-week-12/

What is the problem you are solving?

Anivalon farms solve the problem of poor packaging of snails, less quality snails, small sizes of snails and the problem of scarcity

How does your solution create and capture value?

  1. Selling of sizable snails
  2. Processed snails
  3. Quality snails
  4. Home delivery

Why is your solution better than everything else?

  1. Better packing
  2. Good price for a bigger size/quality

Who exactly is your customer?

  1. Hotels
  2. Fast food
  3. Households

How much is your customer willing to pay?
Customers are willing to pay as high as 400 to 600 naira for a good size of snail. The different pricing strategies will be adopted to determine price of product

How will you reach your customers?

  1. Social media advertising
  2. Word-of-mouth advertising
  3. Print media advertising

Who do you need to help you create this business?

  1. Mentors
  2. Established farms
  3. Financial institutions like banks, ministry of agriculture

What can you do to rapidly scale up production?

  1. Brand establishment
  2. Efficient marketing strategies

Why will the necessary individuals help you scale up your business?

  1. Creation of market linkage
  2. Partnership
  3. Creation of value chain

(Ogbeide Enoruwa) #293

Companies want profit and increased businesses but with poor service, untrained hands and structures, there is surely no way that can be achieved. This is why we render strategic business solutions such as training, brand and media consultancy services for our clients