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(Abdullahi Abdulrahman Gara) #314

Honestly I’ve been a bit swamped and haven’t had the time to let it digest. We appreciate you sir! Thank you.

(Mohammed Abdulmadiu) #315

Nice, pls can you replicate a website similar to Twitter?

(Ifunanya Nwankwo) #316

Am Nwankwo Ifunanya Cynthia. My business is about opening a writing school school where individual can obtain training on different types of writing courses and services.

(nura Muhammad) #317

We hope God guide you to a right way

(Yafet Kanyinji) #318

you can also google

(Bechir Ba) #319

Hello Community (Salut la communauté),
I am Bechir Ba, Fullstack Web Developer (Freelancer), I create modern, fast, and secure web sites, if you want my service, contact me by email at bechiirr71@gmail.com

My github account: github.com/rand0mdev
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/randomdev

I speak French in English


Hy! Nice to meet you, I am sani and I am into IT. I think it will be good of immense help if we work together.

(nura Muhammad) #321

Everybody in this community hope to be the beneficiary am I right ?


Confluence Time Technical Service
Business summary
Confluence Time Technical Service is a manufacturing venture that specializes in the manufacturing of affordable, durable, easy to maintain agro processing machinery for agro processors, in other to reduce the problem inefficiency, high cost of maintenance and poor access to machine spare parts experience in the agro processing industry. The business is was established in 2019 and is a sole proprietorship business, under the leadership of a young entrepreneur Ibrahim MAMUD a beneficiary of 2019 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program with an apprenticeship and Trade test certificate on welding and metal fabrication. The business products selection is based on the most cultivated crop within the region where the business is located.
The machines are use for converting primary agricultural product into consumable commodities.
Product benefits include
Reducing inefficiency and the high cost of machine maintenance in the agro processing industry to prevent agro processor from been forces out of business.