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(Awele Ogwuadi) #86

Hi, my name is floxy, I own a makeup beauty brand Phoenix touch makeover…your event planning business calls for a hands on makeup artist… I think we can work together. Am based in Nigeria and can work with brands based abroad. Connect with me on 07066176261

(Veronica Mazibuko) #87

Hi Chinedu did you come alright with your application ?

(Stephen Eze) #89

question 5??

(Joy Eze) #90

Greetings everyone! I am Joy Eze The name of my company is ATA( Agricultural Transformation Agency) ATA`s main product is Garri while its bye-products are Cassava Starch and Cassava Pellets. Both have unmet demands. ATA would concentrate on Yellow Garri production. This is because unlike the common White Garri varieties, Yellow Garri is an important source of nutrition. This choice is informed by the fact that the WHO had recently declared Nigeria as a Vitamin A deficiency prevalent country. ATA Garri will help in reducing this problem. ATA’s Garri will be packaged in 25kg and 50kg bags. The bye-product, Cassava Pellets is used in animal food production while Cassava Starch is used as binding and filling agents, and in making glue and adhesives, in textile processing industries, and as a biodegradable polymer to replace plastics in packaging materials. ATA Cassava Starch shall be packaged in square shapes of 5 inches in width x 5 inches in length x 3 inches deep (thickness) to avoid unwarranted breakages during transportation. ATA Garri will be come the most affordable and available garri in Nigeria and Africa soon

(Stephen Eze) #91

that’s wonderful

(Musa Hussaini) #92

Hello everybody! I am by name Elhussein Hussain musa,the proprietor of Sky-blue tailoring and designing business center it’s located in Sangere Futy Girie local government of Adamawa state Nigeria. We are easy accessible from interstate highway. The business centre is a balance mix of professionals tailors and Designers and actively engaged focused on the business of providing tailoring and designing services for men and women’s cloths, it’s include approximately 15 employees, mostly in 15-35 age group and would be moderately upwardly mobile income level. There are many businesses that provide tailoring services to the general public in the area. But we are actively engage provide to our customers service/products that are of better quality and creativities. Our primary value of our product or service for the consumers should be able to deliver on time. Sky-blue is a fitness business centre that offers one-on-one personal training of apprenticeship to youth and adults of all ages and fitness levels in the Sangirie area. We are the first center in the area that offers different kind of training options that will allow apprenticeship to develop their own business to reach their personal goals. Our managements and employees ere experts, an experience and empathetic life mentorship who specializes in monitoring and get ready to rejoin the workforce.
For more details; contact us on 0803 2202 038 and 0903 5561 716. Email; skybluetd30@gmail.com

(Stephen Eze) #93

My name is Stephen Eze funder Drink allotters international
Drink allotters a marketing and dispatching company specialize in supplying drinks to wholesalers and assisting them to sale these drinks to various retail outlets, malls, clubs, event, event centers and hotels Through our online marketing mall (drinkallotters.com.ng) and inland network we are connected to different data and information base making marketing easy.
WEB SIT(drinkallotters.com.ng)

(Wemimo Aina) #94

I am a web developer I will develop a stunning cloud application for you, that will automate every aspect of your business with a seamless friendly user interface. contact me on 08165602869

(Rosalina Romina Fortes Lima) #95

I am a lover of nature and committed to the preservation of the environment so I developed a brand of cosmetic products, using as raw material natural resources of flora in Cape.
I also use the food oils used to produce hygiene and cleaning products as a way to minimize the negative effects of waste oils in nature.
Our company is called Naturababosa, we are located in Cape Verde.
Our contacts 2385972896

(Henry Sijuade) #96

which aspect of manufacturing if i may ask


Hello guys,
My name is Mr Destiny Osawemen. I am Nigeria based and the C.E.O of Dexter’s Farms Nig. Dexter’s Farms started two years ago and as a farm, we are basically into fresh water river fish farming and supply under aquaculture section in the agro sector. Our products include Tilapia,
moon fish, cray fish, lake turkana sardine, mud fish, African cat fish, lady fish, herrings, Perewinkles, oscyliated labrinth fish, and governor fish packaged both fresh and dried. We also breed fingerlings of the mentioned products to fish farmers on demand. Every year we acquire lakes in rural communities in the south southern regions of the country during dry seasons while waiting for high tides during the raining seasons to flood across the lakes . This tides usually brings different species of fishes to the lakes and as the flood returns, equipment is put in place which prevents the fishes from returning to the main rivers thereby maximizing breeding. No artificial feeds are given to the fishes from start to finish as they naturally feed on algae and other smaller fishes, reducing the risks attached to chemically enhanced feeds and growth procedures.
We also give trainings to youths from these communities and make 70% of our staff team
in lake sites indigenes of the said communities.

(Joy Eze) #98


(Rosalina Romina Fortes Lima) #99

Hello. Thanks for the contact.
Our company produces natural cosmetic products like solid shampoo, facial and body soap, essential oils, natural products for dogs like solid shampoo and essential oils, hygiene and cleaning products (soap, detergent) made from raw materials extracted from our flora.

(Joy Eze) #100

:joy:You are welcome.

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Nice PIC

(Chima Chimezie) #102

hi my name is chimezie chima i applied for the elumelu grant under waste management, plastic recycling to be precise. i want to use this medium as a questionnaire to reach out to sound minded folks.
question; on a scale of 1 - 10 how bad is plastic pollution in your environment

(Somtochukwu Akubue) #103

Hello, my name is Somto Akubue. I am a student of PHP programming language and I am currently developing an e-commerce platform for student-entrepreneurs and micro businesses that connects brands with customers. Chat with me on whatsapp 08176491666

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Hello Entrepreneurs. What activity week are you guys up to now? and where do you get your Mentor Prep Document from?

(Blessing Nsa) #105

This platform is really inspiring and educational, I think we need to keep networking to encourage and help each other grow on our various businesses. Thank you TEF for this platform.

(Wemimo Aina) #106

I am a Software Developer I will develop applications that will automate all aspect of your company,
I am a partner of SAP, I will deploy SAP ERP for your company. contact me on +2348165602869