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(Justice Moroyei) #128

I am an undergraduate of Business Administration at the University of Benin, Edo State, A budding Entrepreneur and a Leadership Coach.

And I am the Founder of Mobile Dish Catering Services. We prepare, Package and Deliver Meals at affordable prices to customers (Students and Individuals) at their comfort, upon online payment and transfers. Mobile Dish is in its Testing Stage.

Call: 08164137310

(Sharifu Makoha) #129

Hey cerinah_Nalwoga I’m so much interested in your marketing agency, I have customers but our relationship seems not to be stable, and also have a need to finding new ones, since we are in the same country (Uganda), we can link up. Looking forward to getting your guidance.

(Kabagambe Julius) #130

Hello Team TEF, any one having a project related to Mosquito repellent Jelly production, if any let us connect to share views and ideas on how this kind of business can transform Africa

(Ikome Ngale) #131

I deeply believe what we do with our bodies have impact on our lives in the future .
Without good health you can’t achieve any of your dreams , so I embark on those healthy habits for body resistance . Can you Share with me any of those habits you practise???


hello IKOME, i try to take fruits almost everyday. i also have night showers before heading to bed. still struggling with the exercise part tho.

(Ikome Ngale) #133

Fruits clean toxins from your blood especially waste melon .
Avoid eating read meat , soya . Often it’s Bette smoked but they are other good parts like hunchback which can serve you redmeat taste.


Bonjour!je suis Daoussem Yves.je suis particuliĂ©re interestĂ© aux starp up qui travaille sur l’emballage

(khadjetou Niang) #135

khadjetou niang MAURITANIE
mokhtar sadio sarl est une agence de placement des femmes de menage, ouvriers etc

(Ikome Ngale) #136

Add me +237 661269420.

(N'po Blaise N'TCHA) #137

Bonsoir Ă  tous et Ă  toutes,
Je suis N’TCHA N’po Blaise, administrateur en ENERGIE-Plus, une entreprise qui fait la conception et commercialisation de mini biodigesteurs mobile produisant du biogaz purifiĂ© Ă  base des dĂ©chets biodĂ©gradables afin de facilitĂ© l’accĂšs aux Ă©nergies propres et durables dans les mĂ©nages utilisant le bois de chauffe, charbon de bois et les hydrocarbures.


La question de l’énergie domestique est un grand problĂ©me social en Afrique subsaharien.Votre projet est novataire

(N'po Blaise N'TCHA) #139

Exactement monsieur YVES

(Onoriode Evaiwe) #140

Ok, thanks. Already on that

(Igor Didier Sabukunze) #141

I too my business looks like yours.because I am working in IT service,sales,and I am training people.But we began few months ago

(Njinkeng Atemkeng) #142

i so love this platform and i am thankful for this wonderful opportunity that has brought us all together

(David Owuoko) #143

I deal in Solar lighting systems, specifically covering the base of pyramids of Kenya. Any one into the same industry? Not necessarily from Kenya.

(Tina Obonyo) #144

I am Tish from Kenya. I bring in a new innnovation called Kidsense. Kidsense helps track children as well as monitor their health and sends these reports via mobile app or desktop app to the parents. I find it amazing and trust me you will too.

(olufemi oshin) #145

Hello. I am a realtor focused in the Lekki Ajah area of lagos state

(Francis Odupute) #146

Hello! Sunday,
My name is Francis Umendu Odupute, the team leader of FICDATA Artists Cluster. I am an artist, a journalist and a development advocate. i am here for you
What ideas would you like me to share with you?

(Epie Mabrice) #147

Thank you for creating such a community. Quite helpful
I am into maggot farming among other things. We are located in Cameroon.