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(Woris Mucheru) #148

I am Woris Mucheru, I am into stock movement and monitoring

(Moses Wanderi) #149

I am Moses Wanderi, I am making two different types of ecological bricks, the “Sand-Cement” and the “Concrete-Modular”,
with specific shapes and functions forming a lego set of interlocking modular bricks, interlocking into each other for the construction of walls

(Stephen Odhiambo) #150

I am Stephen Odhiambo, i started the FORPE Au-to car repairs enterprise that runs 4PE App, an online response App for a mobile garage that provides immediate responses to car breakdown in major cities in Kenya

(Maurice Otambo) #151

I am Maurice, founder of IPI PLUS ENERGY COMPANY. I plan to install solar mills in rural Kenya to deliver services to small and medium scale farmers in these regions.

(Sandra Atieno) #152

I am Sandra, founder of Gudu Enery Company. I aim to replace individual fossil-fuel generators across Kenya on a large scale using distributed solar assets and a scalable Power-as-a-Service (PaaS) model. We sells solar home systems ranging in size between 20, 50 and 100 watt.

(Saint Paris Wandile) #153

Hello Katlego,

Saint Paris here from Johannesburg South Africa,

Please contact me on whatsatp.


Kind regards,


(Tlou Phukubye) #154

Hi am Phukubye Tlou Simon, owner of Bra Si group operating in the pet industry.

(Felix Rogova) #155

I am Felix Rogova, founder of AIRTOX, which is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 digital utility token that facilitates the transfer of mobile airtime, mobile money, data and currency, as well as payments for goods and services.

(Biniam Kebede) #156

hi there how are you my name is Biniam teferi from Asmara Eritrea i need guys like you to create me a web for my businesses thank you contact me through 002917114598 thanks again.

(Phylis Banhwa) #157

I am Phylis Banhwa the CEO of Shekinah Grace Early Chilhood Development and Nursery Centre. We provide nursery and pre-school educational services to kids between the age of 1 and 6 years. we offer academic lessons, sports, arts, and exposure to life skills.
Stand 1118 Munhuwepai Road low Density Murewa, Contact: 00263778223113
Email: shekinahgraceecd@gmail.com

(Manex Samuneti) #158

Use a different browser like chrome

(Claude KAZE) #159

please help me with what quality education standards are.can they be measured?

(Jamiu Mogaji) #160

Hi Joy,
NIce to read about your product. I currently deal in poultry produce and fish farming. However, I have interest in Cassava/Garri with some considerable efforts.

Could you please share your contact for possible business interraction.


(Knowledge John) #161

Hi Benj, are you an Android or iOS developer?

(Knowledge John) #162

Interesting, would love to here more.

(Kehinde Lawal) #163

Awesome, time to share ideas and help develop others ideas.

(Yafet Kanyinji) #164

Sure its a place to learn more, I have learnt this


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(Lebogang Morakile) #166

Hello Jamiu my contacts are 0027 78 3734153

(Joshua Jumbo) #167

iLead (iEAD) is a tech based service which offers most software based solutions for MSME businesses depending on their problem statement.

Currently, we offer user experience design and user interface design, web development and design, data analytics, big data analytics, cloud services, bit part branding (like logo and design processes). We do more too.

Visit us here: www.ilead.com.ng