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I have experience in this Incase you ever want extra help, in form of knowledge and goodwill. Good luck it’s a very profitable enterprise

(Caleb Ifeanyi Udeh) #169

Caleb Ifeanyi UDEH is a young Nigerian philosopher, witty writer, fintech enthusiast and farmer.

As a budding entrepreneur, he has got quite a number of cutting edge innovations running with the simple aim of making life a better place.


Hello Denis,
Please avail me your contact details.

Thank you

(Daniel Affum) #171

Value preposition for Generational Height Limited
Our core value is to process organic cereals, legumes, fruits, cocoa, vegetables fortified with honey formulate varieties of organic nutritional foods for malnourished babies and adult as well as breakfast beverages for high and low income families at affordable prices. guys link me up to new markets

(Malachy Ugwuanyi) #172

Good to have you

(Adebayo Joseph) #173

We can also work together by me decorating the event or what do think?


This a great idea Joseph. Where are you located?

(Adebayo Joseph) #175

Surulere Lagos

(Keemenao Kelesitse) #177

(Jikeme Francis) #180

Please I am finding it difficult using this platform, and network is a problem in my Dorman.

(N'po Blaise N'TCHA) #181

Moi je suis dans le même secteur sauf que mon projet se base sur la conception d’un biodigesteur mobile pour la production du biogaz.

(Chuka Ukamba) #182

I am Gerald. I am into Plantain Production. I need someone who can be my Mentor in this line of business. Kindly contact me on gcukamba@yahoo.com.

(Franc Kamugyisha) #183

Amaizing, do you develope Apps

(Rodrigue Nguemou) #184

Merci pour le rappel

(Joseph Silavwe) #185

Wemino, I am working a project to introduce subscribed internet based CCTV security services. Notable mobile Apps will include one that allows my subscribers to remotely view their premises in real-time and be able to activate emergence response from the comfort of their phones. I would like your suggested input to the project.

(Abubakar Umar Bunza) #186

Gud idea bro

(Deborah Egan) #187

Please someone should guide me

(Augustina Okokhue) #188

One of a kind

(Martin Adator) #189

my name is martin adator from Ghana. I am currently working on similar project like yours. Let’s link up as I will be learning a lot from you.

Whatsapp : 00233540374411

Facebook: GHANA to the WORLD or Leadership resolution

(Olumide Ojo) #190

Thank you very much, what are you into?