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Good evening, please I have been having issues with my application. I’ve been unable to proceed to the next page after the page of stating my qualifications. It will end up saying 506 series. And if I try refresh it takes me back again to the same page. I have tried other ideas shared with applicants to troubleshoot but to no avail. Kindly assist. Kola


Please, are you up for training. Want to learn graphics and website design and management


Hi I’m Alheri, I rear broilers chicken, the business is still in its testing stage ,and I’m really hoping to have a large poultry farm consisting of layers, turkey and even a rabbits…I’m in serious need of a mentor. Thank you


I need help pls, after submitting my application I discovered I made a mistake in my page one. The 'tittle ’ option is reading ‘Dr’ instead of 'Miss ’ I corrected it not knowing it wasn’t effected, pls how do I change it… TEF referees I need your help.


Do you do training?


Hi, My name is Ben Moon, am a google certified digital marketer. My company magages your business social media handles. We develop content and we handle all your business online marketing and SMM to drive taffic, engage target audience and increase sales…We also train your key Staff on the current digital tools to increase your brand awareness online without having to pay someone to do it for you…08033628087


I’m sure that will not be an issue. referee refers to people who can attest to your character ie. former employers, current partners etc. godluck


Thank you so much for the reply…


hello is it possible to modify my application?


As far as I know, the system gives you n opportunity to read over/ modify your application upon completion, after which I don’t assume one can neither edit nor modify.



I am Emmanuel, a Nigerian. I am a young entrepreneur and I have an Idea towards digital event management business. The aim is to take the business across the continent via the internet. I’m hoping this is a direction you would like to go in too.

Looking forward to your speedy response.



my name is Valentine Nyirahabimana fro Rwanda i have short business of made in Rwanda ( Masai shoes, different kind of hand and shoulder bags, ) i would like get some ideas from you in order to take my business to another lever because i meet with many challenges like row materials, machines in order to make quality products needed at the market.


Greetings responsible community members
My name is Michael, i am a producer of minerals and allied products. My contribution is: Is agriculture more advantageous over production?


Hey guys i am caleb. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) gives 300 USD 1 year free trial credit for you to host applications on it most especially if you want a very fast wordpress website with 24hours uptime. Contact me calebcurrency@gmail.com. I will do it for you for a very affordable price i will do it free for the first 5 people on this platform.


I am the founder of ArewaApp. A classified ads platform available in over 170+ countries. You can buy and sell just about anything from any part of the world and the App is entirely free DOWNLOAD LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arewa.arewaapp&hl=en


Thanks you and greetings to everyone my name is John Oyech Lwong from South Sudan (Malakal, Upper Nile State) but currently in Juba the capital city due to the ongoing arm conflict in the country, my business name is Lwong International Investment Company Limited (LIC Ltd) my company is at the idea startups stage and we are trying to streamline our focus on agricultural production and as a certified coach, trainer and speaker with The John Maxwell Team, my desire is to be like one of those encouraging teachers to all entrepreneurs in South Sudan and TEF platform discussing leadership in business


Hello beautiful people of the TEF community.
My names are Muhammad Maikudi Yunusa from Nigeria. I live in FCT Abuja.
My business name is “Khalifah Maikudi Quino Enterprise”
My business is on Fish Farming and processing.
My business falls under Agriculture or Agro allied sector
My business started since 2014 and its about 5 years after commencement.
I stock over 2000 fingerlings stock, grow them for 6 months and harvest them. Sometimes i dry/smoke and processed the products and sell off to wholesalers and retailers.
I do offer lectures about fish farming to students and new potential farmers.
On my leisure time I do process and produce organic and healthy drinks like fruit smoothies, fruit zobos (Hibiscus flower) and herbal tea for immune boosters and healthy lifestyle.
I am here and excited to partake in the TEF because I know it is a forum for innovations, productivity and human capacity development filled with business minded professionals. I believe I will make good business knowledge and global connection to boost my enterprise. I love agriculture and research.
My email address is: mohammedquino@yahoo.com


Hi Micheal. One would have to be specific. what kind of production? in any serious company, whether agriculture or otherwise, production becomes an essential part of that business. In agriculture, for instance, one may be growing maize and decide to to produce maize associated products to go to market with, together with the raw maize crop he or she or they produce/s. So it is essential to think about the production phase and its scalability of any product one produces from the very beginning in any sector. How the production in your agricultural offering will perform in the market depends n your process and the people you hire.


hi friends , i am ayoola gbeng i founded
Goshen integrated enterprises . we are into production of quality concrete cement blocks for residential and commercial building purposes. we are block molding contractors and building materials and logistic support company. contact us at 08024171451.we look forward to your patronage. thanks


Bellarish Foods is a start-up company that deals in African natural foods, we promote and encourage Nigerians to eat natural food that are not chemically processed. We educate and create awareness on lack of food security in our country. We get people informed on the side effect of what processed foods consumption has caused to their health. Our products are well package for your safety. For more enquiries call 08133723888, 08030848856. Email: bellarishfoods@gmail.com