What will be your next moves if TEF selection for 2020 favors you or against you

If TEF selection is against me, i will go on additional research to know why i was not qualify, and then prepare properly for 2021 application

but if it favors me firstly i will give all glory to God and seek for his directive, and make proper arrangement to stay put during the training section.


It simply means i need to do more work on my businnes, work on my errors and come back with agility

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If the 2020tef selection favoured me, first thing is to appreciate God an pray for blessing to the general team of TEF, forth ahead with my business to explore.
Whereas if it did not favors me I believed it is not God time for me to be selected for this Bach. God time is always the best

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If TEF2020 favored me I would thank God for the blessing,then put all my attention on the training so that I can use the knowledge and funds to boast my business and teach others,.if it were against me, nonetheless I would continue to build up on my business idea, with research from people who are successful in the field of business I’m into,then re-apply again

If TEF selection for 2020 favor me, i will go down on my knees to thank the Almighty God for making me to be part of this African game changers and will equally appreciate the entire crew of TEF for such a huge opportunity to acquire more knowledge and cash that will help me move my business to the next level.On the other hand if i am not selected, molding and nurturing my business with my mentor and team and try again next time

I don’t think of not been favoured because am favoured already. And my video will tell the world that TEF is God’s project.

I trust it will favor me. I’ll be so glad and make good use of the fund.

If favoured, I will be grateful to God and put to use according to the plan already payed down, focusing on training and execution of the project so as to give back to the society by employing labour.

I’m Optimistic about the selection process because I believe in my God given Idea and it’s contribution to the society and economy as well.

If finally selected, I would ensure the vision I have for the business remains and always open to improvement according to the mentorship provided and the general TEF guidelines

In the case TEF favour me, i will chance me to increase the quality and

If favous me, the quality of services and the quantity shall improve in number, equally permitting the company to be legally protected and expand.
For the reverse situation, it Will simply means much has to be done and new strategies to be developed

Success is not Luck. Favour comes with adequate preparation, selection is base on merits and abilities. If selected I will be grateful to Almighty God and TEF for the opportunity given. If otherwise I will still appreciate TEF for training skills, knowledge and experience I will acquire. Never the less if selected much works will be at hands because it takes lot of sacrifices, dedication and constant work to maintain and sustain success even more than prior inputs and investment.

Everybody is a winner as far as you got to the training stage,you may learn something that will help you make double of the seed capital so let’s focus on the real price which is knowledge

If am favoured, I will be grateful to God Almighty. But if not I will try my possible best by next year.

If it favours me, I will be grateful to God and will be serious with The training exercise. And if otherwise, I will have to work on the flaws that led to the failure, then prepare for another opportunity.

If i am selected, I will give thanks to God for giving me the privilege to be among the chosen and pray God should provide more funds for the TEF to continue with their glorious work. while if i am not selected i believe i need more research and God acceptance.

I will give God all the glory favors or not, He has brought me down to this stage, and I will use the money wisely for my business.

I believe I have been choosen.
I will be grateful and plan everything accordingly.