What will happen between now and when tef will contact me

I completed my application yesterday and I am profiled under innovators, my question is what will I be doing from now till when TEF promise to contact me?


Fast, pray, for me to have it all.

Keep it simple and stupid by continuing with your sweet life.:kissing_heart::see_no_evil:

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Lol, very funny

Agbaragba, your question :question: got me busy, last night…

Here is what I learnt. We can work on the start up toolkit, the 12 week for 2019.

Since the system has changed this year, i read somewhere that 2020 is 6weeks.

I have opened week 1,&found it very useful. I hope this will help you too.

I wish you all the best


Stay put on tefconnect,we moveee

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Just keep your hands crossed, Agbaragba.

Just keep your self busy here… Network!

Does innovators and disruptor mean for those who have already started their business operation or it is simply based on the response given in the application? and also what about the greenhor mean?

Keep searching on tef connect there was a post from last month which explained all. Green :green_heart: is not up for training if I understood well. But disruptor and innovator is up for training and mentorships


pray God make a way for you.

I’ll just continue with my business, read more & prepare to pitch properly.

Could you please throw more light on the toolkit?
How do I find it? and Is there some sort of PDF that shows the processes we’re going to go through, I will love to get acquainted already. Thanks

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Do more research about your business and get prepared

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Go on your learning menu on the dashboard of tef. Read and keep scrolling,you will find it.

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hi, how do i know the category am placed, i don’t remember seeing my category. and please how do i access the week 1, i have reached week 9 of the 2019 program


There should be a response between the 15th - 31st of March

If you received an email to inform you that you qualified, even the category was mentioned in that email…if not relax, all is well
Well done :blush: you have gone upto 9th week…

I will continue with my business processes, research and familarise with the toolkit and community page.

Research research and more reseach

Pray, read, research and review