Which Is More Important To Your Business at This Stage, (Funding or Knowledge)?

As an entrepreneur, what do your business current stage need to function well?
Tell us and why in the comment box below.
This should be like an interaction class.

For me, i basically need funding and well grounded knowledge to skyrocket the visions and mindset concerning my business. Bcoz I’ve gotten major background knowledge about my business.


Knowledge will continuously be of paramount importance to my business. Whenever opportunity to learn rise up, i am here.
I have basically funded myself from one service to another, from one client to another. Saving very little or nothing sometimes. The little i saved, have helped in funding my day to day business and acquiring a few equipment.
Funding therefore is needed to see me and my team take off substantially.


Most businesses fail not because of lack o funding but because of lack of knowledge and understanding about a particular business. Infact some businesses do not even require the amount of money we sometimes claim but just needs the right knowledge and links to the right people (mentors and guides in the business). So for me, knowing the what, how, when, who and why of the whole business is key, its where the motivation lies in. And am also glad that this year’s program is according the opportunity to training and mentorship even if one doesn’t really qualify for the seed fund.


Both are important.knowledge is very important but fund helps to execute the knowledge


For me, i personally need both the funding and an advanced knowledge in my line of business to skyrock my business to a greater height, thereby making my dreams of becoming a great Entrepreneur come true.


Both are instrumental to my Enterprise.


Both are paramount…


For me i need basically knowledge, funding and connections with experienced entrepreneurs

Knowledge is power, so knowledge first and funding follows


At the stage of my business now, Knowledge ha been acquired by me, what i need now is money to develop the business.

At this stage, what is important to me is knowledge. Having an idea is the first and the knowledge on how to effectively put the idea to work and make the desired profit in a competitive market follows. With good knowledge to start-up, the fund can be well invested. With knowledge, the chance for productivity and profit is usually higher.

Both are very essential for a business to scale through. You can not do without each other.
But for my idea to be to be executed, funding is the most important thing now to by business because you will continue to acquire more knowledge as long as there is life to add more ingredient to your business.

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The knowledge of how to be effective and how to effectively run this business with the technical know how is very important.
Funding makes execution effective when one is building on knowledge gathered.

Of course knowledge they say is power, but funding will help me launch my business

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I need a well grounded knowledge combined with sauced funding.
Funding helps my business to grow fromthe level it is right now to an advanced stage while a well grounded knowledge help me out scale others in the industry.

Le financement est le plus important à ce stade.

The two are of equal scale of importance at this stage of my business. My secondary school motto reminded me that knowledge is power. So, the knowledge would further unlock more of the entrepreneurship acumen and required skills that can put my business on the right track. In the same way, money remains the life wire of every human endeavours, so the need for it towards building and development of my business idea into a successfulcompany . I would definitely use it to expand my business to the required standard of engagement in containing food security needs in my community and country.

La connaissance et le pouvoir sont très nécessaire pour mon entreprise a ce stage
C’est a dire une connaissance pour avoir des expériences professionnelles et personnelles et le pouvoir pour oser faire , pratiquer et reussire.

Knowledge is always very important before you undertake an activity. Whatever it is you want to do, there is need to research so that you gain a better understanding. However, having an understanding without being able to execute is almost irrelevant.
Learning never ends and therefore in my case, I have knowledge but I can not say I know it all so I must continue to learn. I equally need funding to help in the implementation of my business and to be able to get ahead.


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