Why do you want to own a business?

There are no right or wrong answers as to why you want to own a business. But answering this question is essential because your answers will be the measure of your success. For instance, say one of the reasons you list is spending more time with your children. If, a year after starting your business, you find you are working more hours than ever before and actually seeing your children less, is your business a success? Or perhaps you want to own a business to make more money. If, after several years, you are still stretching to pay your bills, is your business a success?
One of the best things about self-employment is that you get to define what success means. And your definition is shaped by the reasons you want to go into business.

So I ask you fellow entrepreneurs; ‘WHY DO YOU WANT TO OWN A BUSINESS?’

To be a solution to problems around me and also be financially free.


That’s great @ZIGWAI_FRANCIS, problems abound us so much. Thus, every entrepreneur who desires to be successful must lay focus on a particular problem and position himself as an expert solution.
Much needs to be done in Africa, I believe that with people like you, we can make Africa proud.

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Great one my CEO. Am highly elated to hear from u.