Why is customer intimacy important

Customer intimacy is built around the idea of putting the customer at the center of everything. … This helps in serving customers better, which in turn boosts business reputation and brings increasing returns.


Also, based on the nature of your business operations, you may want to have a customer intimacy approach to doing business. Customer Intimacy is the best in the service industry in my opinion because it helps in providing tailored serves to meet specific demands of clients.


I agree with you Mr Bright

Both in the products and services industry, you got to have the good of your customer at heart in every stage of your production. The question should always be “how do I get close to my customer through my product?”

Customer intimacy is key. It builds trust and they could defend you and you product in the face of blackmail

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To get the best from customer intimacy business model, your customer service (relationship) skills must be very good. This will make the customers eager to respond to your surveys, interviews etc.

@Bright_Katako I aline myself with this reasoning

The importance of customer relationship cannot be over emphasized. Customers are the bedrock of any business and building a working relationship with them will go a long way to sustain the business as they share testimonies of your services.

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Giving him the impression of being friends with him, he is more reassured and de facto, feels a natural inclination towards your product because you were able to capture his interest, his friendship and his closeness. He is dealing with an acquaintance, a friend and not a salesperson because his important needs are met through your product.

Customer intimacy is very key for any business person. The level of friendship can be a tool for getting a client interested where the client will see you as someone they can trust. If that trust exists there wouldn’t be the hesitation in doing business with you

Referrals are very important in every business, That’s one of the fastest way to get a stronghold on the market. Customer intimacy is very important because when you satisfy your customers and give them value for their money they take the word around and get you more customers by referrals

Customer intimacy is important because by asking them what can done to serve them better they feel a sense of belonging which in turn Will impact the business positively an patronage will be enhanced due to your good customer service relationship.