Why the tef forum can be a stock exchange

I am Proposing to the TEF ADMINISTRATION That the 200,000 Business ideas and Startups can become an African Small Businesses Stock Exchange.
My Startup Researchers And Tours Consultancy Ltd was a Pioneer Winner in 2015.
I am a Government, Development And Business Consultant with experience About Global Financing Who is interested in Enabling the 200,000 Startups of TEF to a USD 1 Billion From the World Bank’s, IFC Facility that will mean each of The 200,000 TEF Startups able to access At least USD 5,000.
The IFC Loan is for as long as 5 Years so I think every of the TEF 200,000 Startups will be able to Pay and Borrow More depending on Your Needs.
God Bless You.

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That’s a nice proposal