Why you should never rely on 8:00am to 5:00pm job

It’s highly saddened and unfortunate when I see people on Monday to Friday hustling to go to work. It makes me ask myself these questions:

•Why do I have to wake up early to go to work and get paid once in a month?

•Why do I have to spend half of my day in the office in order to make ends meet?

• Why do I have to spend years to get degree and at the end I won’t be financially independent?

Yes, the system is wrong, but the funny thing is that we can correct the system by getting out of the rat race.

Have you ever seen any successful person without doing any business?

Have you ever heard Forbes rating an employee among the successful persons?.

The reality is that, in as much as you fall within the category of dependents, then your success is limited regardless of your take home pay. This is because your income solely depends on that job and when the job is gone you’re also gone.

But as an entrepreneur, you control your income and maintain your balance.

The important question is that;

How do I become an entrepreneur without so much capital involved?

Yes you can become an entrepreneur with little start-up capital which can fetch you more than what you earn in 4 weeks without the fear of getting sacked


What you have said here is true, thanks for your enlightenment
Mr @Bello

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Involved in to both engaging, government, administrative and also an entrepreneur schedule it is drive a country.

Very true, we need to wake up form this 8am-5pm slumber…i just realised that during my day job back then had I used my time wisely, I could have reached far in my entreprenueral journey…

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Wow! Rude!! but true

I loved this part “Have you ever heard Forbes rating an employee among the successful persons?.”

Anyway In my own experience, being an entrepreneur has been the most difficult path to take and I don’t regret it, if not I wouldn’t be here discussing with the best of African entrepreneur

I was also asking myself the same questions.

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nice article, that is why entrepreneurship is the best.