Winning TEF grant 2020 (A guide)

So you’ve started considering TEF 2020 application? Great, I’ll work you through!

The application is usually done on Tefconnect website and it FORMERLY HAD10 sections. You’ll need to devote time and mental resources to the application. If you scale through, it’s definitely worth the application time.

The sections were:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Contact Details
  3. Educational information
  4. Social media information
  5. Business profile
  6. Company structure
  7. Market potential
  8. Financial information
  9. Business impact
  10. Attestation

There are now four sections with some Q$A parts to fully assess every applicant and discover their business strengths.
There are over 100 questions you need to answer and they are all targeted at finding out a group you belong to. You’ll find commercial questions, business questions, attestation and other segments.

Note that your business should be solely for profit and it must address at least one of the SDGs (check online for the SDGs).
You should find a tentative business name and you must be convincing in your application.

If you’ll like reviews for your applications and you have questions about the application process, hit the link below!

I’m George Thomas
Manager at Luminous Greens


I see, you are yet to see this year’s method of application.


Perhaps you are wrong sir. I totally understand that the application for this flagship program will take the for of the just completed TEF-UNDP program. A lot of changes have been made and I am abreast of the situation.


Actually I agree with @Evans_Ezeme it’s a total new process, this time it’s four sections.



Yes, there are four sections which are simply the condensed form of previous 10 sections. Whether four sections are available or fifty sections, don’t you agree that there is a science behind writing and winning grants?

I’m a beneficiary of many grants and I can tell you that there is a logic involved, other than sheer luck.

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You are right in a way but its not totally true. This year’s application processes are different.The 4 sections are made up of about 102 questions, some with multiple choice options, SA,A,SD,D and uncertain. only question 25 and 34 that requires much writing. Others are quantitative and mentally reasoning and little of calculations.


Thank you for your comments. I have gone through the whole process with a new applicant and I can say it’s fun and interesting. Well, that’s if you know the right thing to write and how to write it! This year’s application is slightly easy and that means there will be INCREASED COMPETITION so it’s better and safer to apply the principle of winning grants. Thanks for your response once again



I have also done that assignment but guys I am asking you whether it is the full application. I have finished it but TEF people told me that I am done with the application. Is that online assignment supposed to be the whole application?


Hi, looks like this link is for the business WhatsApp not the normal WhatsApp

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Hello George,

Your passion to help African entrepreneurs is very commendable, however the previous sections were not condensed into these current sections.

The application process is entirely new and carries no features from the previous process.

We now have personality and cognitive assessments that are used to evaluate each applicant’s entrepreneurial spirit and are in a gmat type format.

You can reach out to the Foundation or the TEF alumni network to provide you with more information to aid your application drive, so your training can be more effective.


Thank you for your comments. I’ve gone through the application process with an aspirant, and I really commend TEF for the innovation in the application process. If you don’t mind, I’ll like to send you a private message to get some more information and perhaps some materials about the application.


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Interesting conversation going on here. But as for me, I have a little challenge. I have filled the online form and answer the necessary questions but I did not receive any mail or notification showing my application status. I will appreciate if anyone can be of help. Thanks.

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hello i submitted my application and was categorized under start up does it mean i don’t get the opportunity to pitch


Van You Please Send Me A Previous Copy Of tefs business plan? I am new here

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Go back to your application page. in section 4, you will see at the down part of that page where is written check category, click on it and you will see the information there.
Summarily, the start up category will be trained and given opportunity to pitch just like the innovators and disruptors categories.

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Thanks so much Mr George Thomas, you have a big heart to assist the your entrepreneurs like me. God bless you. Pls , I need your contact.